As one of our 2019 participants put it,

“Renewed, energized, full of joy!”

River Discovery, founded in 2006, continues to build programs for cancer survivors of all ages and diagnoses. We are excited about bringing back all of our programs for the 2021 Summer season. Participants of multiple day specialty trips are selected by lottery due to the high number of registrants. Lottery registration opens January 1, 2020 and closes March 31, 2021. Names are drawn on April 1, 2021.


– Betsy Carver, Executive Director


Five years ago, my wife, a breast cancer survivor, was a participant on River Discovery’s week long Salmon River adventure. It was a life changing experience for her and many of that summer’s group remain close friends and see each other regularly to this day. That trip also led directly to our ongoing involvement with all of River Discovery’s programs, as well as my position on the Board of Directors. Having participated as the River Discovery trip nurse a number of times, I was amazed each year as I watched the participants, survivors of all manner of cancers, surrender to the flow of the water and accept the majestic and healing experience of life on “river time.”

There is little in my life experience that I have found quite as rewarding as those days floating down river, surrounded by those mountains, warmed by the sun, energized by the company of friends and survivors.

Ben Murray

President, Board of Directors


River Discovery offers outdoor adventures for cancer survivors that promote healing and strengthening of the mind, body and spirit. We work year round to create, build, and fund life changing outdoor adventures for cancer survivors and the people who love them. Programs are created to inspire, empower, and heal survivors of all ages and with any diagnosis.


River Discovery’s programs get survivors outdoors, engaged in recreational physical activity, and connected with one another for emotional and peer support. River discovery programs strive to empower survivors and their loved ones to embrace an active lifestyle rich with recreation, friendships, and nourishing foods, all of which have been demonstrated to improve overall health.


Healing time spent outdoors, even without physical activity, improves your mood and reduces depression and anxiety.

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