Life-Changing Experiences in Nature

Our unique adventure programs offer adults, teens, and youth an opportunity to engage in life-changing experiences in the great outdoors. River Discovery adventures range from 1-day to 6-day river adventures, paddle board sessions, and survivor and co-survivor retreats. All programs immerse participants in the beauty and serenity of Idaho’s outdoors and expose them to the recuperative benefits of nature.

River Discovery programs often include hiking, swimming, rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Most activities can be customized to accommodate any fitness level or limitation; no experience is necessary, but the ability to self-ambulate on sand and uneven terrain is mandatory for extended-day River Adventures. A medical release from a physician is required for all activities.

River Discovery contracts with a licensed outfitter to provide professional guides and high-quality rafting and camping equipment. A safe and fulfilling adventure is a top priority so we always bring along professional medical and mental health volunteers. Each adventure promotes the essentials of healthy survivorship with frequent physical activity, good nutrition and a variety of activities to inspire, empower and heal survivors and their loved ones.



Idaho provides many community resources to Cancer Survivors and their loved ones. Idaho provides many community resources and organizations that provide assistance to Cancer Survivors and their loved ones. River Discovery enjoys partnering and collaborating with a number of non-profits in Idaho including: